Hot Food Add-ons

Empanada  (min order 30)

- Sweet Potato and Cashew Empanada
- Beef and Cheddar Empanada
- Smoked Chicken Empanada 

Savoury Donuts (min order 30)

- Ham and Cheese Savoury Donut
- Margarita Savoury Donut with Tomato, Fresh basil, Onion 

Sliders (min order 30)

- American Style cheese burger meatball with cheddar cheese and a Brioche bun
- Lamb and Feta cheese slider with oregano and a burst of feta on a brioche bun
- Chicken and roasted macadamia nuts flavoured with fresh ginger , coriander and mint

Mini Pies & Sausage Rolls (min order 30)

- Wagyu sausage rolls with fresh herbs flavour with smoke paprika, garlic and spices
- Pork, Thyme and Cider Sausage Rolls
- Lamb and Harissa Sausage Rolls
- Mini Beef Pie 

Pasties (min order 30)

- Chicken and Pine nut mini Pastie
- Cornish Mini Pastie (traditional British Pastie)
- Pumpkin and Feta Pastie (VEGETARIAN)